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Google boss Sundar Pichai was quizzed about his company, privacy and a whole host of other questions during a US Congress hearing in which he was.在美国的一次国会听证会上,谷歌老板桑达·皮采被问及关于他的公司、隐私政策以及一系列其他问题。

During that hearing, representative Zoe Lofgren mentioned that searching for the word "idiot" on Google Images show a whole host of pictures of Donald Trump.在那次听证会上,一位代表佐伊·洛夫格伦提及,通过谷歌图片搜索关键词“傻子”会出现大量唐纳德·特朗普的照片。

It is just one of a whole range of controversial search results, which have also included the president's claims that Google is intentionally showing bad news.这只是一系列有争议的搜索结果之一,其中还包括特朗普总统称谷歌故意展示坏消息。

She asked Mr Pichai why that might happen, and how its search engine worked to show such a result.她问皮采先生为什么那样的搜索结果会出现,谷歌搜索引擎是怎样运行才搜索出这样的结果的。

"We provide search today so any time you type in a key word, we as Google have gone out an crawled and stored copies of billions of web pages in our index, and we take the keyword, and match it against the pages, and rank them based on over 200 signals: things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it," he said.“现今我们为大家提供搜索服务,所以不论你在什么时候输入了一个关键词,我们谷歌都会浏览我们的索引下储存的数以亿计的网页副本,然后我们根据关键词把它与网页上的内容进行匹配,并根据200多种指令为其排序,例如相关性、新鲜度、受欢迎程度以及其他人如何使用这个词等等,”他说道。

"And based on that, at any given time, we try to rank and find the best results for that query. And then we evaluate them with external raters, to make sure that, and they evaluate it to objective guidelines."“基于这种算法,我们在任何给定的时间内都会尽力为那个疑问的搜索结果排序并找出最佳的答案。然后我们会通过外部评分人来评估这些结果,并确保他们根据客观准则来评价它。”

He pointed out that it would not be possible for Google to go through all of the vast number of searches that are entered into it each day and make sure they were biased.他指出,谷歌不可能认真检查人们每天通过谷歌搜索的大量内容的全部信息,也无法确认它们是片面的。

"This is working at scale. And we don’t manually intervene on any particular search result."“这是大规模的工作量。我们并不会人工干预任何特定的搜索结果。”




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    开年第一发糖韩剧来了——《经常请吃饭的漂亮姐姐》,播出四集就拿到了8.9的高分。这部剧没有道理不火嘛:一、时下最流行的年下套路的戏码;二、颜值满分甜度满分,美好的春天到了,当然得看一些甜甜的恋爱故事咯。今天就来看看,“姐弟恋”用英语怎么说?按照字面意思,应该说成“sister-younger brother love”。但是呢,英语君觉得最好不这么说。因为英语里的sister和brother是有血缘关系的亲属。其实关于“姐弟恋”,这里还有一种说法——cradle snatcher。You are dati

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    中文里的“追星”在英语里难道是“run after”吗?当然不是咯。run after的主要意思有两个,第一是“追赶”,有句谚语就是:If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.同时追两兔,全都抓不住。第二个意思是“追求”,比如:She runs after every good-looking man she meets.凡是漂亮的男子,她见一个追一个。1、“追星”的英语怎么说?“追星”指的是粉丝对明星的崇拜行为。所以,我们可以用表示“崇拜“的英

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