For the past 33 years过去的33年间I have lived and worked in Africa,我一直生活并在非洲工作far from my mother who lived in Los Angeles.母亲生活在洛杉矶,相隔万水千山One night I dreamed of her一天夜里我梦到了她as she slowly walked up the stairs to her apartment.我看到她慢慢走上楼梯,走回自己的房间She was a heavy wo

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I was just about to take a bite of my mozzarella sticks我正准备咬一口芝士条when my brother called me这时,我哥哥打来电话to let me know he was out of his appointment early.他告诉我,他提早开完了会Starving little me我饥肠辘辘I decided it was a good idea to drive我想还是继续开车吧and dip my sticks into

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This stranger heard we were planning for my daughter's fifth birthday,我们正在为女儿的五岁生日做准备,一个陌生人听到我们的交谈and volunteered to drop off自发提出要放下自己的事情and set up a commercial bouncy house (that the kids loved)要帮我们做一个游乐场里的那种充气弹跳床(孩子们都特别喜欢的那种)and he wouldn't take a cen

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working at a disability/welfare office在社会福利部门任职and I got to see the coolest thing today.今天,我看到了最美的风景A homeless man, Charlie,一个名叫Charlie的无家汉came in with a power wheelchair坐在一辆电动轮椅上走了进来that didn't work.轮椅坏了Its batteries would no longer charge.电池充不了电As I wa

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I'm a single mom.我是一个单身母亲I have three boys,我有三个儿子and I decided to go out for dinner tonight.决定今晚全家到外面去吃饭We stop at Pizza Inn我们来到一家披萨店and happen to catch the tail end of the buffet.这家店供应自助餐的时间正好快要结束了I got the youngest one his first我先喂最小的宝宝吃饭so he's done

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Beep! Beep! Beep!铃铃铃!My arm swung over to my dresser我扬起胳膊,伸向穿衣柜and grabbed the alarm clock that had awakened me.抓起那只把我吵醒的闹钟I shut it off关掉闹钟and pulled it to my face我把它凑到脸旁to see the hands pointing to 6 O’clock.看到时针正指着6点Slowly I reached over我慢慢的向穿衣柜摸索and p

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To the couple that was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors in the subway致那对在地铁上玩剪刀,石头,布的情侣I am the guy in the white shirt that played the game against you.我是那个跟你们一起玩游戏的穿白色长袖衫的男人You won!!你们太厉害啦I am on my way to the hospital其实我正在去医院的路上for the birth of my first ch

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After long hours of waiting for my friend at the bus station,我在公交站等着朋友,已经过去了好几个小时I got tired我感到疲乏and was tempted to just leave有些想就这样走开and plan another meeting.约着下次再见面As I was still deciding,我正犹豫不决there came a man selling culture shoes一个贩卖文化鞋的男子走过来and star

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I didn’t grow up in a very loving family.我不是在温暖的家庭里长大的孩子In fact,事实上there are few, if any, happy memories I have of my childhood involving my family members.在我童年的记忆中,有家人在场的欢乐记忆少之又少,几乎没有My happiest moments were spent with the few friends我最快乐的时光是与少数几个朋友一起度过的

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A girl at work bought a bunch of those big Powerade bottles一个同公司的女孩带来了一大堆饮料for the driver's at work when it was in the 90s with high humidity是那种90年代转为酷热难耐的司机们研制的大瓶功能饮料a few weeks ago.那是几个星期前的事情Some of the other girls made fun of her几个其他的女孩嘲笑她for wasting

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True self-love is not selfish pleasure,真正的自爱并不是指一个人的享乐but rather the origin of discipline and willpower.而是自律和意志力的源泉Self-love is not giving yourself everything you want,自爱不是把想要的一切都交给自己but rather giving yourself the things that are good for you.而是把对自己有好处的东西

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I woke up in a bad mood this morning.今天早上我起床时情绪不佳I'd had a fitful night's sleep昨晚我睡得断断续续and my bad back was sorer and tighter than ever.我的背比任何时候都酸痛僵硬My shoulder was starting to feel just as sore too.我的肩膀也同样开始疼起来I tried to stretch them out我试着伸展肩膀to no av

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There is so much hate in the world世间有太多憎恨that I have to share this amazing experience my family had today.让我想要与你们分享一下,我们一家人今天遇到的一件非常令人赞叹的事情As a transracial adoptive family作为一个跨种族的领养家庭we get lots of looks and comments我们得到了许多的注视和评论both good and bad.有好的也有坏的W

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双语美文:你的出现 照亮了我的十二时辰

You ordered large fruit punches all around.你为店里的客人们点了大份的水果酒The kids were so happy.孩子们高兴坏了You asked about our adobo pizza,你还问我们店里的卤肉披萨好吃吗said the kids were interested,你说孩子们都很感兴趣I told you you wouldn't regret it.我告诉你,点一份,你肯定不会后悔The little one asked for a m

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Those 4 words never sounded so good我从未觉得这几个字如此动听til the June morning直到一个六月的早晨in my mom's hospital room.在母亲的病房里It began when my mother was admitted to the hospital事情的开始是这样的,我母亲要住院for a really bad infection in her bladder.因为膀胱有严重的感染It was November 21那是11月2

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What an incredible day at the beach!海滩边的一天,多么令人惊喜!Not because it was the most fabulous weather.不是因为,这一天的天气好的无与伦比Not because we were with fabulous friends.也不是因为,我们与最要好的朋友们在一起No,不it was the best day because它之所以是最好的一天,是因为a group of Men and a young boys took

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Today今天I was asked if I am any good with phones有人问我,我会不会使用手机by an elderly man问我的是一位老爷爷as he was trying to open a picture message他正试图打开一个图片文件that his granddaughter had sent.图片是他的孙女发来的I took a look at his phone我看了一眼他的手机which was a really old Nokia.原来是一个款式十分

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双语阅读:父亲节 我收到最珍贵的礼物

I am so thankful我心怀感恩that there are still kind and helpful people in the world.为着世界上仍有善良,乐于助人的人存在I pulled into the gas station那天,我把车开进加油站to get gas and a drink想去给车加油,顺便喝一杯Thursday morning那是周四的早晨on my way to work.我正在去上班的路上Well, then I noticed that my tire

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Late this evening,入夜已深I got a ride to the local grocery store.我搭便车去附近的杂货店买东西After loading up my cart我在购物车里堆满了商品and checking out,准备结账my phone dies没想到我的手机死机了right as I'm about to confirm my uber.就在我准备输入支付密码的时候No portable charger on me我身上没有移动充电器(none sold i

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双语美文:谢谢你 拜访我的梦境

The dictionary defines a dream as词典上对“梦”的解释是a "Series of thoughts or visions during sleep."睡梦中一连串的思绪或者图像Biologists say生物学家说dreams are our brains way of organizing, storing, and remembering what we have seen the day before.梦只是我们的大脑对之前的一天所看到的的东西进行整理,存储和回忆

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