It was a cold, Winter morning.那是一个严寒的冬天早晨I hadn’t slept very well the night before昨晚我没有睡好so I was trying to catch a few extra winks before I got up.本想在起床前争取再睡个回笼觉The rising sun had other ideas, however.可是,升起的旭日却催促我起床A beam of it snuck through my drawn cur

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双语美文:不能每一天都美好 但美好的东西就蕴藏在每一天

Local Firefighters responded to a house fire over the weekend.上周末,本地一所民宅发生火灾,本地消防队紧急出动。Firefighter Kevan Brown went inside一个名叫Kevan Brown的消防员冲进屋子to make sure no one was trapped.确保没有人困在室内It was all safe.幸好并没有险情出现But as he came out但是,当他从屋子里出来的时候he saw a mot

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双语美文:那个玻璃一般珍贵的宝宝 留给世界最好的礼物

Nine years ago,九年前my wife and I lost our first daughter,我和妻子失去了我们第一个女儿Alle Shea Collazo,她的名字是Alle Shea Collazoto the rare bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).死于一种名叫成骨不全症的罕见骨科疾病At birth,刚出生时Alle had broken ribs ,Alle肋骨上多处骨折arm, legs, wrist and her sk

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Growing up在我长大的过程中I’ve always been very independent.我一直表现得十分独立I’ve never asked for my parents for money or help,我从未向父母要过钱,或寻求过帮助and I’ve always lived a pretty secluded life from them.每天的生活,也与他们十分疏离We’re close,我们关系很好but not in a “I’m going to tell you ever

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双语美文:又萌又皮的奶奶 请给我来一打

My husband Bill's Grandma Z was quite a character.我丈夫的奶奶Z是一个很有个性的奶奶。Over the years多年来we grew very close我们十分亲近and I was actually with her when she died.她去世的时候,我就在她的病榻前In Grandma Z's later yearsZ奶奶最后的几年里she lived in a nursing home.她住在一个养老院Her eyesight was

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"Where the mind is without fear在那儿,心灵无畏and the head is held high... ,头颅高昂into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake",我的父啊, 让我的国觉醒,走入自由的天堂!as this famous quote of Rabindranath Tagore ran through her head,《吉檀迦利》的经典名句在她脑中闪现her mind stoppe

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双语美文:十块钱而已 被追了一个星期 又惊又暖!

When I was in college当我还在读大学的时候I worked at CVS,我在一家连锁量贩店打工a guy came to buy batteries一个人来买电池and was a couple dollars short.少了几块钱after trying to count out his change我帮着他一起把他的零钱数了一遍I told him not to worry about it然后告诉他,不必担心and just take the batteries.然后就把电池

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Years ago,多年以前back in the middle 1970s,大约1970年代中叶的时候my friend, Art,我一个名叫Art的朋友used to see a young man about 16 years of age时常看到一个约莫16岁的男孩and a large dog walking along the road.带着一只大狗走过街道When cars would pass him on the other side,当另一头的车要从他身前经过的时候he made ey

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Well today it happened…好吧这是今天发生的事情A day we never want to happen,我们从不曾希望会有这样一天but continually prepare for但却一直做着准备throughout the school year.贯穿这一整个学年We had a tornado touch down near the school,飓风在学校附近登陆了and as expected,应验了我们的预期went into our emergency tornad

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This is not our cat.其实这并不是我们的猫We installed a cat door in our shed.但是,我们在小屋前门上做了一扇猫门Our new neighbors rarely let their cat in我们新来的邻居极少让自家的猫进屋even when it is freezing cold outside.即使室外天寒地冻亦是如此We've spoken to them twice,我们为此事两次提醒过他们nicely,可是and they are not

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I live in the mountains of West Virginia.我住在弗吉尼亚西部的山区The curvy, winding roads山路蜿蜒曲折and the vast woodlands山林广袤often lead to near misses with the local deer.车辆长长与山中冲出来的鹿擦肩而过The other day有一天I was driving my son我开车带着儿子to work at the sheltered workshop送他去工坊干活w

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I was ten years old那时我十岁riding my bicycle骑着自己的自行车at break-neck speed速度足以让我摔断脖子down a hill near my home.从家附近的山坡上向下俯冲This was long before bike helmets were used自行车头盔是很久之后才发明的Only a month before就在一个月之前I had hit a rock in the road,我撞到马路上的一块石头flown over my han

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Some friends and I went hiking今天我和一群朋友去徒步旅行to a waterfall swimming hole today.我们的目的地是一个瀑布戏水酒店We get out there我们去到游泳池边and endure the initially very cold waters忍受了乍然接触到刺骨的冷水的不适感and climbing boulders爬到了瀑布顶上to jump off of.从那里跳下水去We're having a great time我们玩得

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My two sons are all grown up now.我的两个儿子如今都已经长大成人They are 32 and 27 years old this year.一个32岁,一个今年27岁了Yet they both still have the minds of children.然而,在心智上他们都还像是孩子Autism has limited their intellectual growth over the years多年来,孤独症限制了他们的智力发育and they still n

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I know things can become difficult in life.我知道,世事艰辛Everyone has a different story.每个人都有自己的故事Everyone is unique in their own ways.每个人都有独特的禀赋,每个人都与众不同Everyone is healing in their own way and in their own time.受到挫折时,每个人都会以自己独有的方式,在最合适的时间治愈自己People say this a

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It was a day in late December.那是十二月末的一天The Christmas tree had been taken down.圣诞树已经从街头搬走The lights and decorations had been boxed up彩灯和装饰物收回了盒子and put in the closet放回橱柜里until next year.等着明年再取出来And I was feeling a little blue.我感到有些沉郁I sure wasn’t looking f

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I wouldn't say我不能说I'm particularly rich by societies standards,依据现有的社会标准,自己是个很富裕的人but on the front of wealth但对于另一种财富measured by experience and valuable lessons,既,经验和宝贵的教训积累的财富上I would consider myself very wealthy.我认为自己十分富有On another hand另一方面I would rath

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Imagine today in 2029 - 10 years from now.想象一下,如果现在是十年后,2029年You will still be you,你还是你自己except you will have changed.不过你已经有所改变Think back the 2009 version of you回想一下2009年的你and I bet you will struggle to recognise that person.我相信,你一定几乎认不出那个人了Regardless of

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The mother is Tiki Finlayson of Tennessee.有一个来自田纳西州的母亲,名叫Tiki FinlaysonHer son Kevin – nicknamed "Sunshine" –died at the age of 25她的儿子小名唤作“小太阳”,25岁的时候去世了when a drunk driver crashed head-on into his minivan.死因是车祸,一个酒驾的司机迎头撞上了他的迷你货车Tiki decided to honor h

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An unusually hot and wet spring this year今年的春天出奇的潮湿闷热was followed by an extremely hot and wet summer.随之而来的夏天更是潮湿闷热到了极点Sunny skies were constantly giving way to heavy showers晴朗的天空经常会给大暴雨让步only to be replaced with more sun and heat.最后到来的却是更加灼热的阳光,更燥热的温度This

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