We keep no secrets from each other. 我和丈夫彼此之间没有秘密。I went looking for one of our old credit cards. 有一天,我去找一张旧信用卡He has a few little hidey holes for important stuff, 丈夫有一些小小的藏宝洞,里面都放着重要的东西he's like WALL-E, 他就像WALL-E机器里so I went to his bedside table, bottom

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7 years ago, when I was 24,七年前,我24岁的时候my wife was killed in a horrible car accident,我妻子在一场可怕的车祸中去世了leaving me in complete shock and grief我被抛入了剧烈的震惊与悲恸之中  I became a single father to our 2 kids变成了两个孩子的单亲爸爸at the time they were 1 and 3 years old.那时他们一个只有1岁,

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双语美文:每个人的灵魂 都是一个宝宝

Isn't it incredible这不是很令人难以置信吗how the longer we live on this Earth我们在世上活得越久the more the passage of time越会感觉between the world outside us我们自身之外的时间and the world within us seems out of sync" class="hjdict" word="sync" target=_blank>sync ?与我们内在的世界已经脱轨I a

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My brother and I were travelling Vietnam by motorbike.我和弟弟骑摩托车穿越越南My brothers bike broke down期间,我弟弟的车坏了and this man pushed it 5km (with his scooter ),[/en]一个好心人用自己的小型电动车拉着我们走了5公里[en]told the mechanic we needed help还帮我们找到修理工,告诉对方我们需要帮助and then bought us be

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Today after work,今天下班后as I was driving home,我驱车回家I realized my brake wasn't working.忽然发现,车上的刹车失灵了I started to panic我开始陷入恐慌and managed to pull over,总算停下了车子luckily十分幸运without crashing into anything没有撞上任何障碍物(or anyone).也没有撞到任何人It started to rain这时开始下雨and ge

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My dear grandmother我亲爱的曾祖母passed away almost 18 years ago去世已经约莫18年了but I still miss her但我仍然想念她every single day.每一天都如此She was such an important part of my life.她在我的生活中占据着十分重要的地位My Mom, Dad, brothers and I我和哥哥们,爸爸妈妈lived in her old house一直住在她的老房子里for most o

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The gas station nearest my house happens to face a strip club. It is apparently a very successful strip club, as they could afford to install a LCD screen on their roof that might be visible from the Space Station. It's certainly visible from the gas sta

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双语美文:危难之中 你仍握着选择权

It was the first day of Spring here此时此地正是初春but it didn’t feel like it.却感觉不到春天的暖意The Coronavirus Pandemic was sweeping the globe疫情横扫全球and everywhere每个地方there were feelings of uncertainty, fear,都弥散着彷徨,恐惧loneliness孤独and even despair.甚至绝望的感觉“Social Distancing

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Just everything about life is so underappreciated ,生命中的每一件事都如此被低估just listening to the radio收听广播的时候makes me so appreciative我由衷感到欣赏that someone has spent time writing,为世上还有人写作composing and singing this song作曲,歌唱makes me so grateful.他们的作品让我心存感恩Simple things

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My dear friend passed on Dec 18,我亲爱的朋友在12月18日过世了I left her at 11:30 that night.当天晚上11:30我才从她身边离去Putting up her christmas stuff那时她穿上了圣诞节的装扮and looking forward to Xmas.期待着圣诞节的到来She just adored robins,她很喜欢知更鸟one came to her backyard every day,有一只每天都会飞到她的后院里来

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My grandmother has Dementia ,我的祖母患有老年痴呆症this day she told grandpa,今天她对祖父说"I want to spend all day with my boyfriend."我想一整天都跟我男朋友在一起My grandpa asked,祖父问"who is that?"“你男朋友是谁?”She said,祖母说"you",你呀so he gave her overalls 于是,祖父为她穿上一套工装连体裤and took her to

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As I look outside from my desk at work,当我工作之余从桌前向外探望I have a view of the mountains,眼前是一派群山a beautiful, partially cloudy blue sky云海半遮,天际蔚蓝的美景and the random car traffic on our quiet road.马路上一派宁静,偶尔有车流经过I love this view我十分喜爱这景致and consider myself blessed心存感恩

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While writing this impromptu story,写着这篇即兴而来的文章的时候I am lying down in bed being absolutely sick我正躺在床上床上,病魔缠身and just being all around negative.满心只有消极的想法Suddenly, I thought of a positive story忽然,我想到了一个积极向上的故事 that I just want to share with anyone who reads t

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So, in fifth grade,事情是这样的,在我上五年级的时候my backpack was stolen from my dad's car,有人从我爸爸的车里偷走了我的背包which had my binder 背包里有我的活页夹which had all my school stuff in it,所有的课业资料都在里面and a few other valuables,还有几样我十分珍视的东西like I used to and still like to write stories,比

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双语美文:回忆再美 也不要徘徊不前

Once,曾经a middle aged man took his eighty years old father to the park.有一个中年男人带着他八十高龄的老父亲去逛公园His father used a stick for walking.他的父亲拄着拐杖While the old man stepped out from the car,当这位老人从车里下来的时候his stick fell down,他的拐杖坠落在地and he lost his balance.他失去了平衡But,但

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Her name is Lynne,她的名字叫LynneI first met Lynne我第一次遇到Lynnethrough an animal rescue是通过一个动物救援项目my wife and I volunteer for,我和妻子在其中担当志愿者Lynne is the cat coordinatorLynne是猫群的协调员but also basically runs the rescue,但救援项目大体上是由她来掌控的her house is always full of cats她家

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There are many times we do this in our lives,在我们的生活中,很多时候我们都会这样做even if its at an unconsciousness level.即使你是出于无意识层面上的动机For example,比如Some people stay in terrible (or sometimes even abusive) relationships有些人维持着十分糟糕(有时甚至是存在虐待行为的)恋爱关系里just because仅仅因为they ha

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双语美文:改变世界 从改变自己开始

There's a saying that really stuck with me有一则谚语铭记在我心里from a random monk who lived 900 years ago:出处是一位900年前的游行僧When I was a young man,年少时I wanted to change the world.我想要改变世界I found it was difficult to change the world,我发现这很难so I tried to change my nation.

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I’m going through it right now.此时此刻我正经历着这件事Last night就在昨晚one of our 3 family dogs我家的三只狗狗中的一只was hit and killed by a car被一辆车撞了,当场死亡in front of my mother’s house.就在我妈妈的屋子门口The dogs became,这些狗狗早已more or less,或多或少的my mother’s surrogate children成为母亲的干儿子干女儿afte

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双语美文:小偷欠你的 我来还给你

 So, in fifth grade,事情是这样的,在我上五年级的时候my backpack was stolen from my dad's car,有人从我爸爸的车里偷走了我的背包which had my binder背包里有我的活页夹which had all my school stuff in it,所有的课业资料都在里面and a few other valuables,还有几样我十分珍视的东西like I used to and still like to write stories,比

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