I think我想It would be fair to say that自己可以以中肯的态度说my upbringing has not been the most typical.小时我被教养的方式有些与众不同Without getting in to too much detail再次我不想赘述太多细节l I have had A few hills to overcome.我曾经经历过几次坎坷Some have been of my own making其中一些是我自己造成的and some I

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Me and my mom lived on the street.我和妈妈居住的地方临着马路。I loved to pick flowers.我喜欢采花儿。One day I was walking to the retail store一天我步行去零售店and I saw a a bright blue flower with a little purple.我看到一朵花儿,花瓣是纯净的蓝色,还带一点点紫色So as I always do, I picked it.一如往常,我摘下了这朵花I wen

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My dad passed away yesterday我父亲昨天去世了  and I am processing everything.我正在料理后事His illness was really terrible for a long time他一直病得很重,时间拖了很久  so even though we knew it was coming, I'm still in shock.所以,虽然我们明白这一天总会到来,我还是感到震惊  It's hard to try and find posit

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双语美文:朋友们的小小心意 让我泪流满面

So, a couple of weeks ago就在几个星期之前my family found out that my Uncle has stage four brain cancer.一家人突然得知,我的叔叔患有脑癌,已经是第四阶段了 I was very upset with the news这个消息让我十分震惊  as I have lived with him for the past nine years.过去9年以来,我一直和他生活在一起  About a week later, was

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Todays is my daughters 5th birthday今天是我女儿的5岁生日  so the family went to a Churro Cafe for a birthday treat.全家一起到餐厅去吃大餐庆祝She walked in rocking her birthday crown full of glitter and her name on it that she made at school.女儿走进餐厅的时候,轻轻摇晃着一顶生日皇冠,这是她在学校里做的,上面满是亮

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Tuesday morning周二早上my 5 year old woke up and his eye was extremely swollen and red.我5岁的儿子刚起床,就发现自己的眼睛又红又肿,情况十分严重。I took him to urgent care up the road我立刻带他出门去看急诊  and after being examined by the doctor, she was very concerned.医生为他做了检查,情况令人担忧They prescribe

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On the last night of the trip那是一次旅行中的最后一天I had about an hour's daylight left for a ride太阳还有大概一小时就要下山了,我还有时间最后出游一趟so I took off and headed for the back side of the lake about 4 miles from camp于是我驱车启程,向宿营地大约4公里外的湖区后岸边驶去。as I come around a corner当我驶过一个转角and

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Whoosh!呼!  A snowball zoomed past my head.一只雪球从我的脑袋旁边飞过I bent over a snowdrift我弯腰探身向一个雪堆and packed one myself自己也用最快的速度攒了一个雪球  to throw back as quickly as I could.准备扔出去I stood up and took aim.我站起身,选定了目标  Wham!呼!  Another snowball crashed into my skull另一个雪球

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My dad works at an automotive plant我爸爸在一家汽车制造厂上班  and while working he noticed the lights flicker有天他在干活的时候,发现警示灯不停闪烁and heard a noise indicative of electrocution .还听到一阵轰鸣,应该是电击的声音He ran to the area他跑到声音传来的地方and saw three men standing outside of a machine

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双语美文:一日吸狗 终身复吸!

I woke up with drool on my pillow this morning.早上醒来时,我发现枕头上有一滩口水I wouldn't have minded except it wasn't mine.或许我不应该介意,可是那不是我的口水The alarm clock rang,闹钟响了起来I reached over to turn it off,我探身过去关掉了它and then as I laid my face back down on the pillow接着躺回床上,脸埋进

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It's okay to feel out of place.当你觉得自己不再状态,告诉自己,没关系It's okay not to be okay.当你觉得自己不太好,告诉自己,没关系It's okay to be moody at times.当你觉得自己有些情绪化,告诉自己,没关系It's okay to feel like a fool at times.有时你感觉自己像个傻瓜,没关系It's okay to be misunderstood.被别人误解了?没关系!It's okay

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People are good.人性是善良的。Today on my flight to Denver,今天我乘飞机前往丹佛市the pilot announced that they were expecting some turbulence as we descended.当飞机准备降落的时候,驾驶员广播通知乘客,我们可能会遇到气流A woman in the rear of the plane was afraid of flying坐在飞机后排的一位女士很害怕乘飞机  and became ve

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My boyfriend works a typical 8 to 5 job, Monday through Friday.我男朋友有一份典型的朝九晚五的工作,从周一到周五。He's always the first to text good morning他总是第一个来向我问早安的人 because I usually sleep in.因为我经常会睡过头I've noticed that everyday我每天都会发现  that he's at work, at exactly 8:36am

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Most things aren't nearly as bad as you think they'll be一件坏事发生的时候,我们常常会把它想象的极其糟糕,事后却发现并非如此-- except regret.除了“后悔”这件事。Regret is worse.“后悔”这件事,比你想象的还要糟糕Often we procrastinate我们时常会拖延  or straight up或者简单的说  don't do things that we know we need to do我们会拒绝那些

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双语美文:无家可归的大学生活 是命运对我最好的赏赐

I grew up 3 hours outside of Pittsburgh,我在距离彼得堡3小时车程的地方长大with my mother and 3 younger siblings .与我母亲,还有三个弟妹同住My mom was a single mother我母亲是一个单亲妈妈and worked a minimum wage job,干活只能挣到极少的钱so we never had much,我们的生活一直捉襟见肘but that was OK,可是没有关系we made ends mee

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双语美文:悄悄告诉你 为什么我总是如此开心

Optimism isn't believing everything is great,“乐观”并不是指,相信一切都非常好it's believing that there is always will be a reason to be happy.而是相信,一定可以找到一个理由,让自己开心起来People wonder why I'm so happy all the time许多人感到疑问,为什么我总是那么快乐  and take things in stride.一切都能泰然处之I'm

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So most Sundays事情是这样的,几乎每个星期天I bang out a quick 5km run around my local park,我都会在家附近公园里小小的跑上5公里it resets my body clock这会让我的生物钟重归正轨after a weekend在之前的周末两天playing video games我都在玩电子游戏or writing until like 3am.或写作直至凌晨3点So这一天as I'm getting to the last half a

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双语美文:简单的赞美 好过一切套路!

It was one busy morning in those rush hours那是一个忙碌的早晨,正是早高峰时段  when I hopped into the bus heading town to run some errands,我刚跳上公交车的门槛,准备进城去办事  I sat next to some guy his name was Musa.一个男子坐在我的旁边,他的名字叫MusaHe said hi and I replied with a smile他对我打招呼,我回之以微笑an

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I had to put the following quote into practice 25 years ago25年前,我曾反复念诵一句话when I was asked to give a speech at my precious friend Evy's wedding.因为我应邀参加从前的好友Evy的婚礼,必须作一番演讲"Sometimes the best thing you can do is“有时,你能做的最好的事,”  not think, not wonder, not im

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双语美文:最危急的时刻 也是最好的契机

And the people stayed home.于是,人们闭门不出And read books,他们阅读书籍and listened, and rested, and exercised,他们倾听,休息,锻炼and made art, and played games,做艺术品,玩游戏and learned new ways of being,学习新的生活方式and were still.保持沉静的状态And listened more deeply.人们能更深入的倾听Some meditated

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