I live in the mountains of West Virginia.我住在弗吉尼亚西部的山区The curvy, winding roads山路蜿蜒曲折and the vast woodlands山林广袤often lead to near misses with the local deer.车辆长长与山中冲出来的鹿擦肩而过The other day有一天I was driving my son我开车带着儿子to work at the sheltered workshop送他去工坊干活w

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I was ten years old那时我十岁riding my bicycle骑着自己的自行车at break-neck speed速度足以让我摔断脖子down a hill near my home.从家附近的山坡上向下俯冲This was long before bike helmets were used自行车头盔是很久之后才发明的Only a month before就在一个月之前I had hit a rock in the road,我撞到马路上的一块石头flown over my han

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Some friends and I went hiking今天我和一群朋友去徒步旅行to a waterfall swimming hole today.我们的目的地是一个瀑布戏水酒店We get out there我们去到游泳池边and endure the initially very cold waters忍受了乍然接触到刺骨的冷水的不适感and climbing boulders爬到了瀑布顶上to jump off of.从那里跳下水去We're having a great time我们玩得

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My two sons are all grown up now.我的两个儿子如今都已经长大成人They are 32 and 27 years old this year.一个32岁,一个今年27岁了Yet they both still have the minds of children.然而,在心智上他们都还像是孩子Autism has limited their intellectual growth over the years多年来,孤独症限制了他们的智力发育and they still n

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I know things can become difficult in life.我知道,世事艰辛Everyone has a different story.每个人都有自己的故事Everyone is unique in their own ways.每个人都有独特的禀赋,每个人都与众不同Everyone is healing in their own way and in their own time.受到挫折时,每个人都会以自己独有的方式,在最合适的时间治愈自己People say this a

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It was a day in late December.那是十二月末的一天The Christmas tree had been taken down.圣诞树已经从街头搬走The lights and decorations had been boxed up彩灯和装饰物收回了盒子and put in the closet放回橱柜里until next year.等着明年再取出来And I was feeling a little blue.我感到有些沉郁I sure wasn’t looking f

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I wouldn't say我不能说I'm particularly rich by societies standards,依据现有的社会标准,自己是个很富裕的人but on the front of wealth但对于另一种财富measured by experience and valuable lessons,既,经验和宝贵的教训积累的财富上I would consider myself very wealthy.我认为自己十分富有On another hand另一方面I would rath

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Imagine today in 2029 - 10 years from now.想象一下,如果现在是十年后,2029年You will still be you,你还是你自己except you will have changed.不过你已经有所改变Think back the 2009 version of you回想一下2009年的你and I bet you will struggle to recognise that person.我相信,你一定几乎认不出那个人了Regardless of

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The mother is Tiki Finlayson of Tennessee.有一个来自田纳西州的母亲,名叫Tiki FinlaysonHer son Kevin – nicknamed "Sunshine" –died at the age of 25她的儿子小名唤作“小太阳”,25岁的时候去世了when a drunk driver crashed head-on into his minivan.死因是车祸,一个酒驾的司机迎头撞上了他的迷你货车Tiki decided to honor h

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An unusually hot and wet spring this year今年的春天出奇的潮湿闷热was followed by an extremely hot and wet summer.随之而来的夏天更是潮湿闷热到了极点Sunny skies were constantly giving way to heavy showers晴朗的天空经常会给大暴雨让步only to be replaced with more sun and heat.最后到来的却是更加灼热的阳光,更燥热的温度This

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There was a man who had four sons.有一个男人,他有四个儿子He wanted his sons to learn他想要教自己的儿子一件事to not judge things too quickly.即,对事物不要太快下结论So he sent them each on a quest,于是,他给每个儿子都分配了一项任务in turn,让他们轮流to go and look at a pear tree去照看一棵梨树that was a great distance aw

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Eyes closed,闭着眼睛she felt the cool breeze on her face她感到清风拂面as the car swept past the green pastures.车从绿色的草坪上疾驰而过The breeze felt refreshingly new微风清爽而and gave her让她感觉到a sense of newly defined freedom and happiness.一种全新的自由和幸福感The breeze suddenly came to a h

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"For what it's worth...无论好坏成败it's never too late永远不要觉得太晚or, in my case,或者,在我的亲身经历中too early太早to be whoever you want to be.去成为你想要成为的那个人There's no time limit ,并不存在时间上的限制stop whenever you want.只要你想,随时都可以停下You can change你可以改变or stay the same,也可以保持不变there

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双语美文:爷爷遇到暖心小伙 暖透了!

I wanted to share a great story我想要分享一个很棒的故事about a young man故事的主角是一个小伙子who went out of his way一个费尽心力to help my 83 year old grandfather.只为帮助我83岁高龄的祖父的人We came to Home Depot那天我们去了一家建材商店to replace the spool feed for his trimmer.去给他的割草机买一只新输带轴We came across Q

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Absolutely true…这句话千真万确you can do anything in this world,你能完成世界上的任何事you just have to want to.只要你心向往之Well a simple example to back this powerful statement up.让我们举出一个简单的例子,证明这句豪言壮语是正确的We woke up one morning有天早上我们起床时and my roommate's laptop wouldn't just s

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双语美文:你改变了我的一生 而你自己却不知道!

These two ladies profoundly impacted my life这两位女士对我的人生产生了深刻的影响and I will never be able to thank them personally,我却永远没有机会对她们当面表示感谢了so I will do it here.所以我会在这里表达谢意First,首先to the random teenage girl on the train:我要致那个在火车上偶遇的少女You were talking with your frie

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When I was 19十九岁的时候I legally immigrated to the USA.我非法移民到了美国I left my country on Mother's day 1963.1963年的母亲节,我离开了故土Circumstances were such that我的处境如此糟糕I for a short time有一小段时间里became homeless我无家可归but then found a job后来我找到一份工作in East Los Angeles.在旧金山东部I w

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Eyes closed,闭着眼睛she felt the cool breeze on her face她感到清风拂面as the car swept past the green pastures.车从绿色的草坪上疾驰而过The breeze felt refreshingly new微风清爽而and gave her让她感觉到a sense of newly defined freedom and happiness.一种全新的自由和幸福感The breeze suddenly came to a h

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My Mom came from a family of 14 children.我母亲来自一个有14个孩子的大家庭Christmastime wasn't always the best.圣诞节却并不总是最开心的时候However,可是there was a man,却有一个人who went out of his way,费心费力to make the day special.让这一天变得独一无二Over the years数年来my Mom talked about母亲每每谈及how this m

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For many years多年来I was treated in a very unkind way.我并没有遭受过恶意的对待I was not only talked about behind my back没有人在我的背后诽谤我but I was spoken to in an unkind manner to my face.当曾经有人当面对我用十分失礼的态度说话I'm sure我相信a lot of people can relate to this.许多人有过类似的经历There came

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