专业四级TEM-4在线练习 1A

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TEM-4    Exercise 1

(Grammar & Vocabulary)

1. _____    all our kindness to help her, Sara refused to listen.
A. At
B. In
C. For
D. On

2. ____ before    we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.
A. Had they arrived
B. Would they arrive
C. Were they arriving
D. Were they to arrive

3. ____ conflict among city-states caused the eventual decline of Greek civilization.
A.    Continuous
B.     Continual
C.    Constant
D.    Contrary

4. ____ he's already heard the news.
A.    Chances are
B.     Chance is
C.    Opportunities are
D.    Opportunity is

5.____ his knowledge and academic background, he is basically stupid.
A.    But for
B.     According to
C.    For all
D.    Thanks to

6. ____ man can now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce their radioactivity.
A.    As
B.     Whether
C.    While
D.    Now that

7. ____ of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and drifted to the South.
A.    To be free
B.     To free
C.    Freeing
D.    Freed

8. ____ should any money be given to a small child.
A.    On no account
B.     From all account
C.    Of no account
D.    By all account

9.____    the advances of the science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.
A.    As for
B.     Despite
C.    Except
D.    Besides

10. ____ the claim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relatively small the German economy actually is.
A.    To give
B.     Given
C.    Giving
D.    Having given

11. ____ the sight of the police officers, the men ran off.
A.    In
B.     At
C.    On
D.    With

12. ____ the wall, we decided that we should need three tins of paint.
A. Making up
B. Doing up
C. Putting up
D.    Sizing up

13. ____ the whole, early American city planning was excellent.
A.    In
B.     From
C.    On
D.    Above

14. ____ we are having these days!
A.    What a lovely weather
B.     What lovely weathers
C.    What lovely weather
D.    What lovely a weather

15. ____, a man who expresses himself effectively is sure to succeed more rapidly than a man whose command of language is poor.
A.    Other things being equal
B.     Were other    things equal
C.    To be equal to other things
D.    Other things to be equal

16. ____, he does not love her.
A.    As he likes her very much
B.     Though much he likes her
C.    Much although he likes her
D.    Much though he likes her

17. A drunk man walked in, ____ in appearance.
A.    repulsive
B.    reluctant
C.    reproachful
D.    reputed

18. A good many houses ____ knocked down by the earthquake.
A. was
B.    were
C.    is
D. are

19. A good teacher must know how to ____ his ideas.
A.    convey
B.     display
C.    consult
D.    confront

20. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is ____    conditions or events.
A.    in response to
B.     in favor of
C.    in contrast to
D.    in excess of

21. A love marriage, however, does not necessarily ____ much sharing of interests and responsibilities.
A.    take over
B.     result in
C.    hold on
D.    keep to

22. A man has to make _____ for his old age by putting aside enough money to live on when old.
A.    supply
B.     assurance
C.    provision
D.    adjustment

23. A river _____ through the narrow wooded valley below.
A.    extends
B.     pours
C.    expands
D.    twists

24. A writer has to ____ imagination as well as his experiences for his writing.
A.    drawing back from
B.     draw in
C.    draw up
D.    draw on

25. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the _____ of maturity.
A.    fulfillment
B.     achievement
C.    establishment
D.    accomplishment

26. After a concert tour in Asia, Canada and the U.S., he will _____ work on a five-language opera.
A.    confine
B.     indulge
C.    resume
D.    undergo

27. After briefly ____ the history of the author, Prof. Li turned to the novel itself immediately.
A.    dipping in
B.     dipping at
C.    dipping into
D.    dipping to

28.After negotiation, the two countries ____ the terms of peace.
A.    agreed with
B.     agreed in
C.    agreed to
D.    agreed on

29. After performing a successful operation, the doctor at last pulled the patient ____.
A.    back
B.     in
C. up
D.    through

30. After reading these books, he was _____ to the Darwinian theory of evolution.
A.    changed
B.     converted
C.    transferred
D.    adjusted

31. Airplane and television are among the ____ of science.
A.    masks
B.     martyrs
C.    marvels
D.    marrow

32. All experts agree that the most important consideration with diet drugs is carefully ____ the risks and benefits.
A.    weighing
B.     valuing
C.    evaluating
D.    distinguishing

33. Although Asian countries are generally more ____ in social customs than Western countries, there have been several notable examples of women leaders in both China and India.
A.    conservative
B.     confidential
C.    comprehensible
D.    consistent

34. Although he is very rich, his undutiful children are the ____ of his life.
A.    torch
B.     torment
C.    topic
D.    topper

35. Although he thought he was helping us to prepare the dinner, he was actually ____ the way.
A.    in
B.     off
C.    by
D.    on

36. Although most birds have only a negligible sense of smell, they have ____ vision.
A. vigorous
B. exact
C. acute
D. vivid

37. Although sports ____ the household, Joe drew the line when they interfered with family traditions and routine.
A. overwhelmed
B. affected
C. dominated
D. influenced

38. Although the town had been ____ by the storm several times, little damage was done.
A. attacked
B. injured
C. harmed
D. struck

39. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it ____ before the West was settled.
A. could
B. was
C. would
D. did

40. Among the many subjects in school, mathematics is probably the most _____, depending least on a student's background and culture.
A. universal
B. abstract
C. arbitrary
D. concrete

41. As a _____ actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments.
A. flexible
B. versatile
C. sophisticated
D. productive

42. As a salesman, he works on a (an) _____ basis, taking 10% of everything he sells.
A. income
B. commission
C. salary
D. pension

43. As an excellent shooter, Peter practiced aiming at both _____ targets and moving targets.
A. stationary
B. standing
C. stable
D. still

44. As teachers we should concern ourselves with what is said, not what we think _____.
A. ought to be said
B. must say
C. have to be said
D. need to say

45. As the plane was getting ready to take off, we all _____ our seat belt.
A. tied
B. locked
C. fastened
D. closed

46. At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country, but halfway in her speech, she suddenly _____ to another subject.
A. committed
B. switched
C. favored
D. transmitted

47. At no time _____ other countries.
A. China will invade
B. will invade China
C. will China invade
D. invade will China

48. Be here on Friday _____ the latest.
A. at
B. by
C. for
D. in

49. Because the whole country is in a financial dilemma, the government calls on us to _____ economy.
A. make
B. practice
C. carry
D. develop

50. Before he started the work, I asked the builder to give me an _____ of the cost of repairing the roof.
A. assessment
B. estimate
C. announcement
D. evaluation

51. Beryl hardly ever goes to _____ the cinema.
A. neither the theatre or
B. either the theatre nor
C. neither the theatre nor
D. the theatre or

52. Beside being expensive, the food tastes _____.
A. badly
B. too much bad
C. too badly
D. bad

53. Britain's press is unusual _____ it is divided into two very different types of newspaper: the quality press and the popular press.
A. in how
B. in what
C. in which
D. in that

54. By moving the radar beam around slowly in circles, we can _____ the surroundings.
A. explore
B. expose
C. exploit
D. expand

55. Cancer is second only _____ heart disease as a cause of death.
A. of
B. to
C. with
D. from

56. Care should be taken to decrease the length of time that one is _____ loud continuous noise.
A. subjected to
B. filled with
C. associated with
D. attached to

57. Careful surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of patients do not take drugs ______ directed.
A. like
B. so
C. which
D. as

58. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this ______ produces artificial cold surrounding it.
A. absorption
B. transition
C. consumption
D. interaction

59. Charles can't go to work today because he _____ a cold.
A. has    
B. feels
C. takes
D. thinks

60. Charles has not the least ______ of giving up his research.
A. intention
B. decision
C. idea
D. hope

61. Columbus' decision to sail west to reach the East _____ on his belief that the earth was round.
A. existed
B. sat
C. relaxed
D. rested

62. Despite the wonderful acting and well-developed plot the _____ movie could not hold our attention.
A. three-hours
B. three-hour
C. three-hours'
D. three-hour's

63. Difficulties can _____ a person's best qualities.
A. bring up
B. bring out
C. bring about
D. bring to

64. Doctors sometimes _____ old cures when modern medicine doesn't work.
A. fall on
B. fall down on
C. fall back on
D. fall in upon

65. Does brain power _____ as we get older? Scientists now have some surprising answers.
A. descend
B. decline
C. deduce
D. collapse

66. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _____ it comes to classroom tests.
A. when
B. since
C. before
D. after

67. Don't worry. The company will _____ all your expense.
A. satisfy
B. meet
C. pay
D. submit

68. Eventually, people spread throughout the continent, ______ the entire species.
A. wiping out
B. wiping away
C. wiping off
D. wiping up

69. Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to ______ healthy.
A. preserve
B. stay
C. maintain
D. reserve

70. Faced with the ______ difficulties, they are determined to carry on their program.
A. satisfactory
B. attributable
C. innocent
D. intangible

71. Fewer and fewer of today's workers expect to spend their working lives in the same field, ______ the same company.
A. all else
B. much worse
C. let alone
D. less likely

72. Flying in an airplane was once thought to be an impossible ______.
A. task
B. profession
C. promise
D. contest

73. Fresh vegetables are straight from the ______ and raw vegetables are ______.
A. earth...cooked
B. soil...uncooked
C. floor...cooked
D. ground...uncooked

74. From this material we can _____ hundreds of what you may call direct products.
A. derive
B. discern
C. diminish
D. displace

75. Fruit is cheapest _____ season.
A. at
B. on
C. in
D. through

76. Fruit pickers are paid at the _____ of '4.00 an hour.
A. rate
B. scale
C. sum
D. value

77. Fumes from the exhaust of an automobile are ______.
A. notorious
B. anxious
C. noxious
D. delicious

78. George wasn't in class today, Professor Brown excused him ______.
A. from attending
B. of attending
C. to attend
D. attending

79. Class will _____ at a high temperature and will be in a liquid condition.
A. dissolve
B. disappear
C. melt
D. evaporate

80. Hamlet _____ his father's death on his uncle.
A. reversed
B. reverted
C. revenged
D. revealed

81. He _____ tennis every day since he ______ sixteen.
A. has played... is
B. played... has been
C. was playing...has been
D. has been playing...was

82. He appeared _____ with our team's performance.
A. satisfying
B. to be satisfying
C. to satisfy
D. satisfied

83. He believed that the greatest of his _____ was that he'd never had a college education.
A. grieves
B. misfortunes
C. disasters
D. sorrows

84. He delivered _____ orders for a Chinese restaurant for the whole summer vacation so as to earn enough money for his tuition.
A. takeoff
B. takeover
C. takeup
D. takeout

85. He does not _____ as a teacher of English as his pronunciation is terrible.
A. equal
B. match
C. qualify
D. fit

86. He finished _____ in the 1,500-meter run.
A. champion
B. championship
C. first
D. No. one

87. He has been asked to account _____ his absence.
A. for
B. on
C. of
D. about

88. He has failed me so many times that I no longer place any _____ on what he promises.
A. faith
B. belief
C. credit
D. reliance

89. He is _____ the run from the police.
A. in
B. off
C. on
D. after

90. He is an artist with seemingly unlimited _____.
A. creativity
B. creature
C. creation
D. creative

91. He knows the rules but does not know how to ______ it.
A. control
B. direct
C. apply
D. run

92. He made a ____ inspection of the doors and the windows before leaving.
A. slowly
B. leisurely
C. carefully
D. seriously

93. He made such a _____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new building after him.
A. genuine
B. minimum
C. modest
D. generous

94. He must have had an accident, or he _____ then.
A. would have been here
B. had to be here
C. should be here
D. would be here

95. He often sat in a small bar drinking considerably more than _____.
A. he was in good health
B. his health was good
C. his good health was
D. was good for his health

96. He pointed out that the living standard of urban and _____ people continued to improve.
A. remote
B. municipal
C. rural
D. provincial

97. He said nothing at all, but his eyes spoke _____ him.
A. for
B. up
C. out
D. against

98. He took me _____ task for not doing it.
A. into
B. upon
C. to
D. on

99. He used examples to _____ his argument.
A. strengthen
B. increase
C. fix
D. underline

100. He was here _____ the stroke.
A. in
B. on
C. with
D. to


2. D
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. C
7. D
8. A
9. B
10. B
11. B
12. D
13. C
14. A
15. A
16. D
17. A
18. B
19. A
20. A
21. B
22. C
23. D
24. D
25. B
26. C
27. C
28. D
29. D
30. B
31. C
32. A
33. A
34. B
35. A
36. C
37. C
38. A
39. D
40. A
41. B
42. B
43. A
44. A
45. C
46. B
47. C
48. A
49. B
50. B
51. C
52. D
53. D
54. A
55. B
56. A
57. D
58. A
59. A
60. A
61. D
62. B
63. B
64. C
65. B
66. A
67. B
68. A
69. B
70. D
71. C
72. B
73. B
75. A
76. C
77. A
78. C
79. A
80. C
81. C
82. D
83. D
84. B
85. D
86. C
87. C
88. A
89. D
90. C
91. A
92. C
93. B
94. D
95. A
96. D
97. C
98. A
99. C
100. A



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