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A protest campaign sponsored by a lay Catholic organization gathered more than 20,000 signatures on a petition urging Netflix to cancel the fantasy series “Good Omens,” based on the 1990 novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.一个非正式的天主教组织发起了一次抗议活动,在一份请愿书上收集了20,000多个签名,要求网飞删除奇幻喜剧《好兆头 》,这部剧改编自Neil Gaiman和Terry Pratchett于1990年出版的小说。

Netflix promptly agreed not to produce any more episodes, which was an easy promise to keep — the streaming service has nothing to do with the series, which was on Amazon.网飞立即同意不再继续播了,这很容易做到,因为该流媒体服务平台和这部剧根本没什么关系,这剧是亚马逊平台的。

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Return to Order, a campaign affiliated with right-wing Catholic group the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, objected to the “blasphemous” show.右翼天主教组织“美国传统、家庭和财产保护协会”发起了“重回正轨”运动,反对这部“亵渎神明”的电视剧。

The petition urging the show’s cancellation argues that the series “mocks God’s wisdom” and “presents devils and Satanists as normal and even good.”请愿书中要求删除这部剧,理由是这部电视剧“蔑视上帝的智慧”,并且“将恶魔和撒旦表现为正常的,甚至是善良的”。

The group takes exception with the casting of Frances McDormand as the voice of God and the portrayal of the Antichrist as “a normal kid that has special powers and a mission to destroy the world, which he doesn't really want to do.”该组织反对剧中由弗兰西斯·麦克多蒙德为“上帝之音”配音,以及将敌基督描绘成“一个拥有特殊能力的孩子被迫肩负毁灭世界的任务。”

“Good Omens” is the long-awaited adaptation of Gaiman and Pratchett's novel, a comic fantasy about an angel and a demon who team up to stop the coming apocalypse.公众对改编自Gaiman和Pratchett小说的《好兆头 》期待已久,这是一部奇幻喜剧,讲述了天使和恶魔联手阻止末日来临。

It was the only novel to be co-written by Gaiman, the author of “American Gods” and “Coraline,” and Pratchett, the bestselling novelist who died from Alzheimer's disease in 2015.这是Gaiman唯一一部与别人合作完成的小说,他还写过《美国众神》和《鬼妈妈》,而畅销小说作家Pratchett于2015年死于阿尔茨海默症。

Gaiman told The Times that an ailing Pratchett asked him to adapt the novel into a television series.Gaiman对《泰晤士报》说病榻上的Pratchett让他把这本小说改编成电视剧。






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