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  Cultivate Your Reading Habit


  We may say with cer tainty that the more one reads, the better one unde rstands ; and that thebet ter one understands, the more one is inclined to read. In other words, from reading comesunderstanding, and from understanding comes more reading. The reading habit is actuallycultivated by reading itself.

  Now let us discuss the question of what to read. There are books on various subjects — history, literature, philosophy, science, fine arts, etc. When you a re to choose from among a vastnumber of subjects the best books to read, you will feel quite at sea. I therefore suggest that, before you proceed to read any book, you try to find out what others have done before you, that is read the results of other people's labour first. Usually newspapers or magazines arealways your convenient guide to the world of best writings.

  Another problem is how to read. Here, I would offer two suggestions: concent ration andreflection. You cannot well unde rstand what is said in book s unless you concent rate yourmind on what you read. And then you must think over what you have read. This is reflectionwhich helps to s ummarize your reading . To a great extent , concentration and reflectionare interdependent.

  A reading habit thus formed will prove valuable to you. Whenever you have spare time, youwill resort not to places of pleasure, but to the bookshelves, you will not feel lonesome whenyou are alone, because you can see all kinds of characters moving and acting on the pages, andyou can hear all kinds of good counsel. In the long run, your imaginative power will beincreased, your esthetic sensibility heightened, your vocabulary enlarged, and finally your ability ofwriting tremendously improved.


  ·Reading — under standing — reading more

  · What to read — problems and suggestions

  * Select reading ma terials

  * Learn from othe rs

  · How to read

  * Concent ration

  * Reflection

  ·Advant ages

  * No lonelines s

  * Mor e imaginative power

  * La rger vocabula ry

  * Bette r esthetic sensibility

  * Improved writing ability


  本文是一篇说明文, 旨在说明如何培养阅读习惯。段引言部分围绕“ 阅读—理解—阅读”的必然关系展开, 主题句在段尾“阅读习惯实际上是通过阅读本身培养起来的。”第二、三段分别阐明“读什么”和“如何读”这两个问题, 这是本文的主体。后一段以“ 养成阅读习惯带来的好处”而结尾。全文层次感强, 有说服力, 促使人们试着去做。


  say with cer tainty = definitely say

  be inclined to + v . 趋向于

  feel at sea 感到茫然

  proceed to + v . 进行

  concent ration and reflection 集中注意和思考反省

  concent rate one’s mind on . . . 注意力集中在....

  think ove r = consider

  summarize v . 总结

  to a . . . extent 在...程度上

  interdependent a . 互为依存

  resort to + n . 常去..

  not feel lonesome when alone 独处时不感到孤独

  all kinds of char acter s moving and acting on the pages 各种人物的活动和表演跃然纸上

  in the long run 长远来看

  esthetic sen sibility heightened 审美能力提高了





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