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Dear Tom,

On hearing that you are planning to teach English in China and ask me to recommend a city, I'd like to recommend our capital city, Beijing, an international metropolis.

The reasons why I recommend Beijing can be listed as follows. First of all, there are a lot of English-speaking foreigners in Beijing, which helps you adapt to life here very quickly. Furthermore, as the capital of several dynasties, Beijing has a profound cultural background, so you can better experience the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture. Most importantly, parents in Beijing, an international metropolis with many multinational companies, attach great importance to their children's English learning and many people who work in multinational companies also need to learn English.

I truly hope that you can come to Beijing to start your teaching life and I'm looking forward to your arrival. If you have any question about the city, please feel free to contact me for further information.   

                                                                         Yours sincerely, 

                                                                         Li Ming


Dear Tom,

    On hearing that you are planning to learn Chinese in China and ask me to recommend a place, I'd like to recommend our capital city, Beijing, an international metropolis.

    I recommend Beijing to you because of the following reasons. First of all, there are a lot of English-speaking foreigners in Beijing, which helps you adapt to life here very quickly. Furthermore, as the capital of several dynasties, Beijing has a profound cultural background, so you can better experience the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture. Last but not least, with many people understand and master both Chinese and English, Beijing has a good bilingual atmosphere. It is good for you to improve your Chinese. You could communicate with local people in Chinese as much as possible because practice makes perfect.

    I truly hope that you can come to Beijing and learn Chinese here. I'm looking forward to your arrival. If you have any question about the city, please feel free to contact me for further information.

                                              Yours sincerely, 

 Li Ming


Dear Tom,

I was so delighted to receive the letter from you. On hearing that you are planning to study in China, I decide to write you a letter to recommend a university. My recommendation is Xiamen University, which is one of the most outstanding universities in China.

The reasons why I recommend this university can be listed as follows. First of all, Xiamen University is located in a coastal city, Xiamen, which has beautiful and attractive seaside scenery. If you study here, you can have a walk and breathe the fresh air at the end of the day's study. How comfortable and enjoyable! More importantly, Xiamen University has a high reputation for its academic contributions to China and the world.

I truly hope that you can come to Xiamen University to start your college life and I am looking forward to your arrival. If you are interested in my recommendation and want to know more detail about the university, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

                                                   LI Ming 



Section A: 1-7

1. D) A wandering cow was captured by the police.   

2. D) It was sent to the animal control department.

3. B) It is going to be expanded

4. C) Some ancient wall paintings from Australia

5. A) Pick up trash.

6. A) They are especially intelligent.

7. B) Children may be tempted to drop litter.

Section B: 8-15

8. C) It will cover different areas of science.

9. C) It will be more entertaining.

10. A) People interested in science.

11. B) Provide financial support.

12. D) Dissatisfied

13. A) He is too concerned with being perfect。

14. C) Miserable

15. B) Compare his present with past only.

Section C: 16-25

16. C) They are more likely to become engineers.

17. D) Respond more positively to boys’ comments.

18. A) Offer personalized teaching materials.

19. C) It does not rain as much as people think.

20. B) The rain is usually very light.

21. D) It has mild weather both in summer and in winter.

22. D) It comes from straining one's muscles in an uncommon way.

23. A) Blood flow and body heat increase in the affected area.

24. B) About two days.

25. C) Have a hot shower.


Section A: 1-7

1. D) The number of male nurses has gone down.

2. A) Cultural bias.

3. C) He was almost drowned.

4. B) The emergency services are efficient.

5. A) It became an online star.

6. B) Release it into the wild.

7. D) The raccoon did something no politician could.

Section B: 8-15

8. C) She received her first monthly salary.

9. B) Two decades ago.

10. D) He treated his parents to a nice meal.

11. C) Join her colleagues for gym exercise.

12.A)He  has a difficult decision to make

13. D)Seek advice from his family and advisor.

14. D) His girlfriend does not support his decision.

15. C) They haven’t started their careers yet.

Section C: 16-25

16. B) Using information to understand and solve problems.

17. C) Playing games that challenge one’s mind.

18. D) Participate in debates or discussions.

19. A) The nature of relationships between dogs.

20. C) They can fall in love just like humans.

21. D) They stay with one partner for life.

22. A) A cow bone.

23. B) Preserving it.

24. B) The boy's family had acted correctly.

25. C) Conduct a more detailed search.





标题: When开头

26-30  BMICK    31-35  LOGEJ

26. B) admiring 羡慕,钦佩

27. M) sealed 密封的

28. I) natural 自然的,天然的,正常的

29. C) contains 包含,含有

30. K) released 发布,发表

31. L) revealing 揭示,揭露

32. O) substance 物质

33. G) liquid 液体,液态物

34. E) evidence 证据,证明

35. J) potential 潜在的,可能的


标题:The quiet heroism of mail delivery开头



Passage One——Professor Ashok Goel开头

46-50   BCADC

46. B) It is a course designed for students to learn online.

47. C) Students’questions were too many to handle.

48. A) She turned out to be a great success.

49. D) They could not tell her from a real person. 

50. C) Assign her to answer more of students’questions.

Passage Two——Thinking small, being engaging开头

51-55 CBBAD

51. C)Not all of them achieved their anticipated goals   

52. B)To identify reasons for their different outcomes    

53. B)Its interaction with prospective donors   

54. A)They should be small to be successful   

55. D)Their feeling of connection to the scientists themselves 




26-30 BLKAO     31-35 CEGDH

26. B) conclusion

27. L) spread

28. K) slim

29. A) accurate

30. O) vulnerable

31. C) directly

32. E) evaluate

33. G) flights

34. D) either

35. H) largely


Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

36-40 答案EIBGD    41-45  JAFCH


Passage One——Textbooks开头

46-50 CDACB

46. C) They can’t connect professors and students as textbooks do.

47. D) Falling sales.

48. A) Reform its structures.

49. C) Answer questions using their personal experience.

50. B) They can learn in an interactive way.

Passage Two——When we think of开头

51-55 DADDB

51. D) It gets energy from both food and sunlight.

52. A) The genes it captures from the sea plant algae.

53. D) They can produce chlorophyll on their own.

54. D) They can readily be converted to sea slug genes.

55. B) They can survive for months without eating. 



Millions of people开头

26-30  OADCG        31-35  HKNEF

26. O) unpleasant       

27. A) adjusted

28. D) experience

29. C) equivalent

30. G) individuals

31. H) originally

32. K) reduce

33. N) thrive

34. E) filters

35. F) frequently



A South Korean city开头

36-40 F I D G B 41-45 EHAJC


Passage One——The fifth largest city in the US开头

46. B) It may encourage other US cities to follow suit.

47. C) Take legal action against it.

48. D) It criticized the measure through advertising.

49. B) Help people to fix certain long-time health issues.

50. A) They are becoming rather sensitive issues.

Passage Two——popping food into microwave for a couple of minutes 

51-55   DABAC

51. D) The use of microwaves emits more CO2 than people think

52. A) They are becoming more affordable

53. B) Improving microwave users’ habits

54. A) There are far more emissions from cars than from microwaves

55. C) It plays a positive role in environment protection 




  Chinese families attach great importance to their children's education. Many parents believe that they should work hard to ensure that their children receive good education. Not only are they willing to invest in their children's education, but they also spend lots of time pushing them to study. Most parents want their children to be admitted to famous universities. Thanks to/Due to/Because of the reform and opening-up, more and more parents can send their children to study abroad or participate in international exchange programs to broaden their horizons. Through these efforts they expect their children to grow up healthily and contribute to the development and prosperity of the country.


  The concept of family in China is related to its cultural traditions. Large and harmonious families were once very enviable. In the past, four generations living together were not uncommon. Because of this tradition, many young people continue to live with their parents after marriage. Today, that tradition is changing. With the improvement of housing conditions, more and more young couples choose to live apart from their parents. But the connection between them is still intimate. Many old people still help to look after their grandchildren. Young couples also spare time to visit their parents, especially during important holidays, such as the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Chinese Han people's full names consist of surname and first name. The characteristic of Chinese names is that the surname always comes first, followed by the first name. The family name has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Nowadays, however, it is not uncommon for children to take their mother's last name. Generally speaking, a given name has one or two Chinese characters and usually carries the wishes of parents for their children. A child's name can be an indicator of what kind of person a parent wants their child to be or what kind of life they expect them to lead. Parents attach great importance to naming their children because names tend to stay with them for life.




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