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  1. We hope to receive your favour at an early date.

  2. We hope to be favoured with a reply with the least delay.

  3. We await a good news with patience.

  4. We hope to receive a favourable reply per return mail.

  5. We await the pleasure of receiving a favourable reply at an early date.

  6. We await the favour of your early (prompt) reply.

  7. A prompt reply would greatly oblige us.

  8. We trust you will favour us with an early (prompt) reply.

  9. We trust that you will reply us immediately.

  10. We should be obliged by your early (prompt) reply.

  11. Will your please reply without delay what your wishes are in this matter?

  12. Will you kindly inform us immediately what you wish us to do.

  13. We request you to inform us of your decision by return of post.

  14. We are awaiting (anxious to receive) your early reply.

  15. We thank you for the anticipated favour of your early reply.

  16. We should appreciate an early reply.

  17. We thank you in anticipation of your usual courteous prompt attention.

  18. We thank you now for the courtesy of your early attention.

  19. We hope to receive your reply with the least possible delay.

  20. Kindly reply at your earliest convenience.

  21. Please send your reply by the earliest delivery.

  22. Please send your reply by messenger.

  23. Please reply immediately.

  24. Please favour us with your reply as early as possible.

  25. Please write to us by tonight's mail, without fail.

  26. May we remind you that we are still awaiting your early reply.

  27. May we request the favour of your early reply?

  28. A prompt reply would help us greatly.

  29. A prompt reply will greatly oblige us.

  30. Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly esteemed.

  32. We look forward to receiving your early reply.

  33. We thank you now for this anticipated courtesy.

  34. As the matter is urgent, an early reply will oblige.

  35. We reply on receiving your reply by return of post.


  1. We await your reply by telegraph.

  2. Please wire reply to our telegram of this morning.

  3. We are anxiously awaiting your reply by telegram.

  4. Please arrange for your telegraphic reply, or long distance call, to reach us before noon on Monday.

  5. Cable reply immediately, using Western Union Code.

  6. Please acknowledge by wire the receipt of these instructions.

  7. Please do not fail to telegraph your reply immediately on receipt of this letter.

  8. Please telegraph your decision without delay as we have offers awaiting.

  9. Please telegraph reply immediately, our offices will be open until 9 p.m.

  10. Oblige us by replying by telegram before noon tomorrow, as we have another offer.

  11. Inform us by telegram of your lowest quotations.

  12. Wire me at the Grand Hotel. Yokohama, before noon.

  13. Wire in time for us to write you in reply by 7 p.m. mail.

  14. Telegraph me from Osaka before noon stating your telephone numbers.

  15. Kindly reply me by wire (telegraphically).

  16. We should be pleased to have you telegraphically reply us.


  1. Please accept our thanks in advance for your usual kind attention.

  2. Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken.

  3. We are obliged to you for your kind attention in this matter.

  4. We are greatly obliged for your trial order just received.

  5. We wish to assure you of your appreciation of your courtesy in this matter.

  6. We thank you for your order just received.

  7. We thank you for the special care you have given to the matter.

  8. We tender you our sincere thanks for your generous treatment of us in this affair.

  9. Allow us to thank you for the kindness extended to us.

  10. We are very sensible of your friendly services on our behalf, for which please accept our sincere thanks.


  1. Please excuse my late reply to your very friendly letter of March 1.

  2. I hope you will forgive me for not having written you for so long.

  3. I hope you will excuse me for not having replied to you until today.

  4. I humbly apologize you for my delay in answering to your kind letter of May 5.

  5. I have to (must) apologize you for not answering your letter in time.

  6. I must ask you to kindly accept our excuses, late as they are.


  1. We request you to accept our warmest thanks for the anticipated favour.

  2. We thank you in advance for the anticipated favour.


  1. We assure you of our best services at all times.

  2. We shall spare no efforts in endeavouring to be of services to you.

  3. We shall be pleased to be of service to you at all times.


  1. We hope you will pardon us for troubling you.

  2. We regret the trouble we are causing you.

  3. I regret the trouble it caused you.

  4. We trust you will excuse us for this inconvenience.

  5. We wish to crave your kind forbearance for this trouble.

  6. We solicit your forbearance for such an annoyance.

  7. We trust you will overlook this botheration, which we exceedingly regret.

  8. Kindly excuse me for troubling you in this matter.


  1. Please excuse this clerical error.

  2. We tender you our apology for the inconvenience this error may have caused you.

  3. We request you to accept our regret for the error of our clerk.

  4. We greatly regret that we have caused you such a inconvenience.

  5. We wish to express our regret for the annoyance this mistake has caused you.

  6. We frankly admit we were at fault and we are anxious to repair the consequences.


  1. We solicit a continuance of your valued favour.

  2. We solicit a continuance of your confidence and support.

  3. We hope we may receive your further favour.

  4. We hope to receive a continuance of your kind patronage.

  5. We request you to favour us with a continuance of your kind support.

  6. We solicit a continuance of your kind patronage.


  1. It would give us a great pleasure to render you a similar service should an opportunity occur.

  2. We wish to reciprocate the goodwill.

  3. We shall on a similar occasion be pleased to reciprocate.

  4. We hope to be able to reciprocate your good offices on a similar occasion.

  5. We are always ready to render you such or similar services.

  6. We shall at all times be willing to reciprocate such or similar favour.

  7. We shall be happy to have an opportunity of reciprocating to you on a similar occasion.


  1. With nothing further to add today.

  2. With nothing more for today.

  3. Without anything further for the present.

  4. With nothing further for the present.

  5. Without anything more to communicate for today.

  6. Without more to write you by this mail.

  7. Without further to advise you today.

  8. We have no more (nothing further) to tell (inform) you today.





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